We believe in strict adherence to health & safety regulations at all times.

Health & Safety

Mita Logistics have appointed Ellis Whitham to assist in the provision of HSE responsibilities that are constantly being considered in every aspect of the company. Their importance within the haulage industry is paramount, and Mita Logistics’ commitment to health & safety standards is evident through its investment into accident prevention training and accident driver prevention training techniques, and its manual handling and haulage operations.

The promotion of safety at work is a day-to-day practice at Mita Logistics. A fully documented Manual / handbook offering the latest Employment Law / HR / advice and health & safety is available for every employee.

Through the adoption of the latest technology and developments, Mita Logistics ensure that accident rates are at the lowest levels possible. Accidents, though rare, are fully investigated and signed off by senior staff, with corrective actions being raised where appropriate to prevent any recurrence.

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